Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how we collect, process, and hold your data if you visit our website or otherwise provide personal data to us.
This policy affects your legal rights and obligations so please read it carefully. If you have any questions, 
Information we collect, store, and process
General Information
When you visit, interact or use our website, we collect general data and may as well collect personal data. General Data usually includes cookies that are recorded automatically when you first visit the website, to give you a better experience when you revisit our website. Personal Data includes your name, your contact information, and a few other personal details as permitted by you.
We collect, process, store, and use personal data when you authorize us to see your details after you log in on our platform directly or through a third-party login system.

You do not need to provide us with any personal information to view our website. However, we may still collect the information set under the cookie statement section of this policy, the 'Data we automatically collect section of this policy, and marketing communications by the 'Marketing Communications section of this policy. When you contact us by email or post, we may keep a record of the correspondence and we may also record any telephone call we have with you.